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Anti-parasite cures wherever they are needed

ASTRA Therapeutics

Abstract Background

Meet Parabulins
Precision-engineered Drugs to fight all types of parasites

Exploiting key differences precisely


We design species specific precision parasiticides, called Parabulins, by drug engineering at the atomic scale .  

Abstract Background

Our precision lead generator

"ParaX achieves unprecedented level of design accuracy with a remarkable speed by combining multitude of existing and newly collected experimental data from broad phenotypic to atomic resolution  spectrum."


  • Structural data on tubulins from mammals and parasites.

  • Database of protein and ligand interaction landscape of Tubulin.  


  • Robust cellular, biophysical and biochemical assays.

  • Crystal systems for structure based drug screening. 


Multiple assays for in vitro and in vivo validation of drug candidates.


Structure guided rational chemical optimization followed by iterative cycles of screening and validation.

Abstract Background

We believe in OneHealth

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